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Management of your Tivoli Storage Manager - (TSM)

The purpose of TSMManager is to monitor the state and manipulate the objects of TSM servers.

It consists of:

  • A central collector part that is in charge of all communication with up to 30 TSM servers
  • A viewer part that can be installed on multiple PC's and supplies the user interface
  • A built-in webserver that allows easy access to pulling lists for the vaulting function
  • An optional Windows Agent

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Up and running in minutes. Easy as 1... 2... 3...

  • Download the Collector and Viewer Package
  • Install them (standard install like in all other Windows programmes)
  • Start the client and point it at the collector service
  • Define the Server

  • DONE... You are now running!

A look inside

  • TSMManager TourTSMManager Tour Take the tour
  • TSMManager ManualTSMManager Manual Read the manual
  • TSMManager Test VersionTSMManager Test Version Download the test version
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