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McLicense GmbH
Luisenstrasse 3
D-63067 Offenbach  

Phone:  +49 (0)69-801015-56
Fax:       +49 (0)69-173268349
Represented by: Marc Gloning / Joaquim Moreira dos Santos

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E-Mail:  Sales (at) McLicense.de


E-Mail:  Reseller (at) McLicense.de


E-Mail:  Support (at) McLicense.de

Spam Email with fake "mclicense.de" domain name:
We learned that our domain "mclicense.de and tsmmanager.de " is being used to send unwanted spam mails. If you have received any spam mail from our domain we assure you that this mail (e.g. with some kind of advertisement) has definetly not been sent from our server. We do not send any spam mails. The addresses were faked and genereated with random names and an existing domain name (our domain name in this case). Please contact us by sending an email to rechtsverletzung (at) mclicense.de. Even if you are not sure, please send us the complete mail (with header, if possible) you have received. We are about to check the problem together with our ISP. At the moment we can only apologize for any inconvenience but we have to assure you again that those Spam mailings are not sent by us or via our smtp server.


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McLicense GmbH; Marc Gloning / Joaquim Moreira dos Santos
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