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Call us at +49-69-80101556 or send an Email to enquiry@tsmmanager.de


Current download version is 6.3


You must download 2 parts to make TSMManager work:

The collector part, which can be installed on any Windows platform:
TSMManager Download CollectorTSMManager Download Collector   

The viewer part,
which can be installed on any Windows platform:
TSMManager Download ViewerTSMManager Download Viewer

After starting the programme you will have 30 days in which to evaluate the programme.
After that time it will only work if supplied with a license file that you purchased from us.

The evaluation copy only supports 5 TSM servers, but if you need to test it with more servers, contact us at sales@mclicense.de and we will create a temporary license for you, allowing more servers.

How to upgrade over a previous installation

You do not have to uninstall the old version.
Just make sure the collector service is stopped and then install the new version on top of the old version

Additional Download Options and Documents:

PDF documents:
The complete users guide and installation manual:
TSMManager Download ManualTSMManager Download Manual

Windows Agent
This is an optional component that you can install on your Windows nodes.
It will allow you full control of the scheduler service(s) running on that node.

Windows Agent download:
TSMManager Download AgentTSMManager Download Agent

Additional Download Options:

Please check on Play Store or Android market for “TSMManager”, and you can download a  subset of the Viewer to use with your Collector 5x (5.x only). The version has its limitations but it allows to monitor the TSM servers and issue TSM commands directly.

The development of this tool is ongoing.

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