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News and Version History

Please find a detailed history version below. For upcoming releases please see the manual for changes
TSMManager Download ManualTSMManager Download Manual

The current version of TSMManager is 6.3

The current version of TSMManager is 6.2

The current version of TSMManager is 6.1

The current version of TSMManager is 6.0

The current version of TSMManager is 5.4

New Version (5.1) of TSMManager has been released
Oktober 31.2011
What is new in version 5.1?

- Volume list reports and Iron Mountain support

New Version (5.0) of TSMManager has been released
March 01.2011
What is new in version 5.0?

- Version 5.0 New Android based mini viewer, download from "Android market" (free)
- Added "Error messages for all servers" to background display
- Select your own background and text colour for background messages
- Vaulting reworked, much better scheduling options and holiday awareness
- Vaulting: Added a log of tapes checked in
- Vaulting: copypool volumes temporarily set to unavailable before attempting checkout
- Allow logon to SMTP server + port select
- Selectable section in the daily report: Nodes without  schedules
- "Exclude nodes from reporting" extended and now allows wildcard definition
- Daily report enhanced (elapse time corrected, node comments added in several places)
- Including node comments in daily report is now optional
- Graphics added to "Occupancy detail"
- Check of TSM 6.x db and log usage implemented in attention function
- New history: Node occupancy by storage pool
- New history: Client side dedup reduction percentage per node added to history
- New history: Data saved by deduplication per storage pool added to history
- History graph can be saved in JPG format
- New gadget: mounts
- New function: Scheduled analysis based reports
- Monitor window: Command output list raised from 10.000 to 50.000 lines
- Monitor window: Improved copy  to clipboard functionality
- Monitor window: Left part of monitor window can be resized
- TDP messages: Enabled print and save to file
- Added Email notification to "Periodic checking"
- Owner groups can differentiate between failed and missed schedules
- Added TSM 6.x DB and log status to operational status
- All nodes: Command to delete all filespaces for a node and the node itself
- Client code deployment: Allow external download and register of files if the collector has no FTP access
- Changes to make the collector less memory hungry
- Register node can process multiple nodes and save default settings
- Improved handling of monitor selection on multiple monitor desktops
- Multiselect in admins
- Improved grid handling when scrolled to the right
- Fixed extra blank pages in some reports with forced page change sorted by entity
- Fixed datamover display in web pages
- Added date column to "BA client activity" window
- Fix: When using ASNODE option, total data backed up is incorrect
- Show Generated Reports panel: allow multiselect to delete

New Version (4.6) of TSMManager has been released
March 30.2010
What is new in this version?

       TSM 6.2 support!

  • SNAPMIRROR support under NAS backup summary
  • Viewer options: selection of command list length in monitor window
  • New window: Number of volumes used by node/filespace
  • Partial multiselect capability in "All nodes" window
  • Background window is used for messages
  • Longer field for TSM server address
  • TSM server description field
  • File storage pools included in 14 day history
  • Included "q system" output in the recovery plan
  • New window: Support for proxy nodes
  • Collector autodetects TSM server version
  • Multiselect for dismount volume
  • Added access state to reclaim analysis list
  • "Locate node" added to node owner groups
  • History/Reports: vaulting history
  • History/Reports: domain history
  • History/reports: number of files stored total and per node
  • History/Reports: filespace history
  • Improved acknowledge of attentions
  • Comment data can be attached to a node and shown in the daily report if its schedule fails
  • Show list of generated reports with delete/display function
  • New utility: copy server scripts amongst servers
  • New utility: copy client option sets amongst servers
  • Gadget windows showing various data
  • Support for "Client code deployment"
  • Optimized response time when querying multiple servers

New Version (4.5) of TSMManager has been released
April 07.2008

What is new in this version?

      • Full Support of TSM 6.1

New Version (4.4) of TSMManager has been released
June 09.2008
What is new in this version?

      • Server independence for most windows
      • Multiple instances of the same windows can be opened
      • Toolbar with individual 1 minute refresh timer for each window
      • Active attention causes recheck in 4 minutes
      • Support for SSL communication to TSM servers
      • Collector maintains an errorlog
      • Cross server / Cross collector functions implemented in 32 windows
      • "Server views" allows displaying a subset of several TSM servers data
      • Exports: query/cancel/restart/suspend
      • Filter in "30 days schedule status"
      • Support for SFTP when accessing Unix nodes for vaulting and node logs
      • Define devclass centera
      • New function: Nodes and their schedules
      • Extended date/time selection in drive usage analysis
      • Extended date/time selection in tdp/backup data activity + messages
      • History for NAS node backups
      • History for Offsite reclamation
      • Quick select for period select
      • Volume history period select
      • Client schedules: "Run now" function
      • Details + timer in "Operational status"
      • Bottom line summary in several windows
      • Filter function includes more columns

New Version (4.3) of TSMManager has been released
November 22nd 2007
What is new in this version ?

  • TSM 5.5 support
  • Info widgets added
  • Disk pools get included in 2 year history
  • Reintroduced free select of web ports
  • "Move data" allowed for multi selects
  • TSM support functions
  • Execute script and mail result
  • Customized text can be added to e-mailed reports
  • Viewer data moved from common to user data space (terminal server ready)
  • Client schedule timing analysis, how many active at any given time, media wait analysis...
  • Process analysis
  • Groups of daily report receivers
  • New history: Scratch volumes left in library
  • Support for NDMP storage pools (define/update)
  • Report generation: date range = previous calendar month
  • Options for only vaulting full volumes
  • Daily history data collection runs in 3 threads
  • Cross server command: volume history
  • Option for changing logged on admin
  • Support for "Restartable restore sessions"
  • Local receivers of daily report extended
  • Reports: scheduling: daily
  • Nodegroup support
  • I/O error collection and history
  • Grid-filter NOT function
  • "Telnet/Remote desktop to node"
  • Specific messages can be sent to specific Email receivers
  • Periodic checking implemented
  • Support for NDMP operations
  • Improved time range selection

New Version (4.1) of TSMManager has been released
September 2nd 2006
What is new in this version?

  • Audit logging of all logons, define, delete, update, set, etc., etc.
  • The history data has been extended to 2 years
  • Paths now has support for datamovers
  • New function: NAS backup summary
  • "NAS backup failed" added to daily report
  • Offline log and DB volumes added to daily report
  • New 2 year histories: retrieve, HSM-migrate, HSM-recall, single node archive amount, migration, reclamation, backup stg data amounts
  • 30 daily reports saved for later display
  • Find/find next in monitor message lists
  • Support for "Onsite storage" vault
  • Periodic check for low-scratch volume count in libraries
  • List of open windows in the navigator
  • History analysis to show various trends
  • Data placement analysis
  • Allow alternate location for the collector generated reports
  • New TSM server overview
  • Popup window when low scratch amount or outstanding requests, that is hard to ignore for the operator
  • User selectable data collection time
  • The admin web interface has been reworked and extended completely
  • Generated customized reports can now be displayed by the admin web interface
  • Monitor switching for users with more than one screen
  • Multi collector support in the viewer. The master console is no longer used
  • And of course all sorts of other small fixes and enhancements...

New Version (4.0) of TSMManager has been released
August 28th, 2005

We are pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 of TSMManager!

Can you upgrade to this version?

That depends on the "maintenance end date" of your license. You can see at the top of your viewer window when your maintenance expires. If this date is earlier than the date of the current download version, then you cannot run it. It will install, but it will not run. If this is the case, you have to buy additional maintenance time for your programme.

If your date is later than the current download version, just go ahead and upgrade at no charge at all.

What is new in this version?

Now supports 306 out of 327 commands in TSM 5.3 (used to be 200 commands) 

- Single node history enhanced
- Server history enhanced 
- Storage pool history enhanced 
- Message lists are preserved during collector restart
- Multiple admin consoles can be open at the same time
- Viewer options (prompt when changing server, sounds, etc.) 
- New function: Cross server - process summary 
- New function: Cross server - adm. schedule status 
- New function: Cross server - Client schedule status
- New function: Cross server - Outstanding requests 
- New function: Cross server - Running processes 
- New function: Cross server - all nodes overview
- Schedule status details window enhanced 
- Drive usage reworked into
- Drive usage analysis (all new) 
- Server script execute function added 
- Automatic create of DB and log mirror volumes 
- Show volume contents improved 
- New function: All filespaces 
- Only admins with TSM system privilege can change TSMManager settings 
- Display of which volumes are used for a backupset 
- 12 new functions for import/export 
- Improved 365 day history print 
- New 365 history data collected: library usage and number of mounts 
- New function: DRM settings 
- New function: server groups 
- FastPath implemented to give quick access if you know the TSM command 
- Immediate schedules (actions) implemented 
- DRM machine and recovery media definitions 
- Warnings window rewritten (all new) 
- Put multiple drives offline/online 
- Cancel multiple sessions 
- Access client web interface directly from TSMM Automatic check for "outstanding requests" every 5 minutes 
- Optional alert sounds for "outstanding request" and "server down" 
- Optional OK message sent by Email at schedule conclusion 
- Last 10 daily reports displayable
- Delete of volume from vault return list

New Version (3.2) of TSMManager has been released
December 29th 2004
What is new in this version?

This is a minor update. It’s main purpose is to introduce support for the new features found in TSM 5.3.
But there are a few goodies:
- "Customized reporting": Select nodes based on domain and wildcard characters
- Some new functions supporting new TSM 5.3 features
- Easier update of data for nodes and other objects
- Communication with the Windows agent has been enhanced

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